Study on Network Online Monitoring Based on Information Integrated Decision System

  • Fan YangEmail author
  • Zhenghong Dong
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Information integrated decision system (IIDS) integrates multiple sub-system developed by many facilities, including almost hundred kinds of software, and provides with various services, such as email, short messages, drawing and sharing, etc., which also supports two types of network, WLAN and Wi-Fi. Because of the underlayer protocols are different, user standards are not unified, and many errors are happened during the stages of setup, configuration, and operation, which seriously affect the usage. Because the errors are various, which maybe happened in different operation phases, stages, TCP/IP communication protocol layers, and sub-system software. It is necessary to design a network online monitoring tool for IIDS. In order to solve the above problems, this paper studies on network online monitoring based on IIDS, which provides strong theory and technology supports for the operating and communicating of IIDS.


Online monitoring system Network diagnosis Information flow collection 


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