From Policy to Practice and Back Again: The Montreal Forum on Intercultural Cities

  • Bob W. White
Part of the Global Diversities book series (GLODIV)


In recent years, intercultural policy for cities has become a dynamic area of research and policy design. Some authors have even suggested that intercultural models represent a totally new approach to the problems of social inclusion and cohesion. Certain cities have made significant advances in this domain, but until now very little work has been done to understand the underlying principles and processes behind the creation of intercultural policies and programs. In May 2014, the Laboratory for Research on Intercultural Relations (LABRRI) at the University of Montreal, in collaboration with the Council of Europe and the City of Montreal, organized an international forum on intercultural dynamics and intercultural policy frameworks in cities. The Montreal forum brought together policymakers and intercultural experts from across the Atlantic in order to leverage recent advances in the field of intercultural policy and practice.


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