Introduction: Towards a New Pax Africana

  • Tony Karbo


This introductory chapter explores the contemporary relevance of the late Kenyan scholar Ali Mazrui’s concept of Pax Africana: the idea of Africans taking responsibility for making, keeping, and building peace on their own continent. In so doing, it synthesises key insights on the continental peace and security agenda, while charting the efforts of African regional organisations—particularly the African Union (AU)—to prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts, and the role of important external partners like the United Nations (UN). The chapter suggests that while African actors have taken bold steps, including the establishment of new institutional mechanisms, much remains to be done for the achievement of the ambition of Pax Africana. It also includes a detailed outline of the rest of the volume, which urges critical reflection on key challenges such as those related to resources and relations between the AU, Africa’s regional economic communities (RECs), and its major external partners

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