Composite Event Handling over a Distributed Event-Based System

  • Amina ChaabaneEmail author
  • Salma Bradai
  • Wassef Louati
  • Mohamed Jmaiel
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 722)


The using of structured peer-to-peer networks improves system scalability but it confines users expressiveness in terms of desired exchanged data. To address this shortcoming, we exploit advantages offered by structured topology (Distributed Hash Table DHT) and extend it by novel approach in order to improve expressiveness by supporting Complex Event Processing (CEP). Our approach helps to make the right routing decision while avoiding the network overhead and preserving system scalability. It allows users to detail interest by defining logical and temporal patterns of exchanged data especially with the growth of data size encapsulated as events in the network. For efficient event filtering, we propose a smart data structure named CECube for rapid CEP over DHT. The CECube indexes firstly composite subscriptions, then basing on a simple binary search, it serves as publications filter and helps making the right decision for what events should be aggregated and forwarded to the adequate subscribers. The performance of our solution is implemented on Pastry DHT and evaluated using FreePastry simulator. The results demonstrate firstly that our approach is efficient in terms of filtering process and that the average number of routing nodes is decreased. Secondly, we prove the superiority of our approach as compared to another existing work.


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  • Amina Chaabane
    • 1
    Email author
  • Salma Bradai
    • 2
  • Wassef Louati
    • 3
  • Mohamed Jmaiel
    • 4
  1. 1.Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, University of KairouaneKasserineTunisia
  2. 2.ReDCAD LaboratoryUniversity of Sfax, National School of Engineers of SfaxSfaxTunisia
  3. 3.Faculty of Economics and Management of SfaxUniversity of SfaxSfaxTunisia
  4. 4.Research Center for Computer Science, Multimedia and Digital Data Processing of SfaxSfaxTunisia

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