A Bilan of Eight Obama Years: Between Bush and Trump

  • Ruchi Anand


This chapter first captures the pulse of France’s media reaction to President Obama over the years giving the sense of the “Obamania” that started the Obama mandate in 2008. It goes on to discuss the Obama Doctrine, which sets the philosophical and theoretical frame for Obama’s responses and actions on all his major foreign policy highs and lows with its transnational ally, France. Obama’s grand strategy showed a combination of continuity and change from his predecessor, George Bush. During Obama’s tenure, there was never a break in the harmony of values between the two countries. None of the bilateral differences took away from the essence of cordial and supportive Franco-American relations. The chapter concludes that despite the ups and downs, President Obama is still a favorite in France and Europe. What the future holds under President Trump for Franco-American transatlantic ties is still in flux.

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