A Generic Process for Requirements Engineering

  • Jeremy Dick
  • Elizabeth Hull
  • Ken Jackson


This chapter introduces the concept of a process for the development of systems. It starts by examining the way in which systems are developed. This leads to the identification of a development pattern that can be used in many different contexts. This development pattern is expressed as a generic process and is explained in some detail. Subsequent chapters indicate how the generic process can be instantiated for specific purposes. The relationship between process models and information models is also explored and an information model for the generic process is developed.

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  • Jeremy Dick
    • 1
  • Elizabeth Hull
    • 2
  • Ken Jackson
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  1. 1.Costain Group PLCMaidenheadUK
  2. 2.Ulster UniversityNewtownabbeyUK
  3. 3.RetiredAltonUK

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