Nipple Reconstruction with C-V Flap Using Dermofat Graft

  • SuRak EoEmail author
  • Andrew L. Da Lio


Following mastectomy, breast reconstruction is completed by creating a proper nipple-areola complex that matches to the contralateral side. The ideal method for nipple reconstruction would maintain long-term nipple projection, size, shape, texture, color, shape, and position. Although numerous techniques such as local tissue flaps, skin graft, cartilage graft, nipple-sharing techniques, and tissue-engineered structures have been evolved, a simple and reliable method that maintains nipple projection remains elusive. We have performed local C-V flaps augmented with autologous dermofat grafts harvested from excised breast tissues during breast mound revision. As a sustaining strut, dermofat graft permits greater freedom in choosing the final height of the nipple without any donor site morbidity. Use of the C-V flap augmented with a dermofat graft results in an aesthetically pleasing nipple that maintains long-term projection.


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