One-Stage Breast Reconstruction Using the Inferior Dermal Flap, Implant, and Free Nipple Graft

  • Ian C. C. KingEmail author
  • James R. Harvey


The inferior dermal flap with implant and free nipple graft is a valuable technical option available to women with ptotic breasts requiring immediate breast reconstruction. This single-stage procedure uses autologous tissue for an inferolateral dermal sling that is sutured to the pectoralis major muscle, supporting an implant and shaping the breast. Using the ipsilateral nipple as a free nipple graft facilitates immediate color matching with the contralateral nipple and conveys a far more elegant cosmetic reconstruction in comparison with that resulting from delayed nipple reconstruction or areolar tattooing. This one-stage operation avoids both a prolonged operation and also the costs and potential morbidity of prosthetic mesh use. This approach offers a safe, reliable, and cosmetically acceptable outcome for women with larger, ptotic breasts.


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