Convenient Nipple Splint Using Aquaplast Thermoplastic (Optimold) After Surgical Correction of the Inverted Nipple

  • Seong Cheol YuEmail author


The recurrence of surgically corrected inverted nipple is not uncommon in various techniques. To prevent it from sinking again, postoperative suspension of the pulled up nipple is a useful supportive method. But the discomfort of attaching the suspension device is troublesome. A comfortable nipple suspension device using a heat-malleable material of Aquaplast Thermoplastic (Optimold) was newly designed. A sheet of Optimold was tailored into a proper size. Using its plasticity in hot water, it was manually molded into “Ω” shape. After acquiring proper projection from the retracted nipple regardless of operation techniques, it was applied on the nipple-areolar complex as a nipple splint. The raised nipple was suspended on it using two traction sutures with 3-0 nylon piercing the top of the nipple. Then, those were tied on the roof of the splint and maintained for 7 days. This method is simple, effective, and comfortable.


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  1. 1.Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Gangneung Asan HospitalUniversity of Ulsan, College of MedicineGangneung-siRepublic of Korea

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