Correction of Recurrent Grade III Inverted Nipple with Antenna Dermoadipose Flap

  • Ercan KaracaogluEmail author


The nipple is the symbol of the female body with the breast. It is of key importance as a visual and sexual focus of the female body with the breast. As a third focus, the nipple has a nutritive function as in breastfeeding basis. That is why body image, sexuality, and breastfeeding are adversely affected by its abnormal conditions, i.e., the inverted nipple. Various techniques have been reported for the correction of the inverted nipple. It was also reported that no single technique was appropriate for correcting all types of nipple deformities because different grades of inverted nipple have different levels of fibrosis, soft tissue bulk, and lactiferous ductus structure. In this chapter a recent technique for the repair of recurrent third grade inverted nipple is described in detail.


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