Bullous Pemphigoid on the Areola of Breast

  • Álvaro Vargas NevadoEmail author
  • Enrique Herrera Ceballos


Bullous pemphigoid is the most common autoimmune bullous disease. It usually appears as a very itchy rash of urticarial or eczematous appearance, with subsequent appearance of vesicles and tense blisters on previously inflamed skin. The basis of its pathogenesis consists of the production of autoantibodies that attacks several components of the hemidesmosomes which are located in the basal membrane of the dermoepidermal junction. Localized bullous pemphigoid is a rare clinical variant of bullous pemphigoid. It normally appears in the lower extremities and it’s rarer on palms or on the breast. Several causes have been described, such as physical trauma, ultraviolet radiation, and, in the case of localized bullous pemphigoid on the breast, radiotherapy or ductal carcinoma, although it is not always possible to find an underlying cause.


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