Primitive Groin Hernias

  • Bruno MartellaEmail author
  • Renata Lorenzetti
  • Anna Claudia Colangelo


Groin hernias are a very important health problem in the elderly because of their high frequency and high incidence of complications. Elective surgery may be performed in the absence of postoperative complications and mortality. Surgical technique does not change in different age groups, and local anaesthesia provides good acceptance and excellent results. Clinical introduction of prosthetic material was a remarkable improvement for immediate results and for recurrence prevention. On the other hand, emergency surgery is affected by high incidence of complications and unacceptable mortality rates. We strongly suggest hospital referral for all elderly patients for accurate evaluation in order to achieve the best surgical solution.


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  2. 2.General Surgery Residency Program of the University of PaduaPaduaItaly

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