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The RotaWire is very different from a standard coronary guidewire. Its construction prevents unravelling by the rotation of the burr. It is a 325 cm stainless steel, short spring-tipped guidewire. The shaft of the RotaWire is 0.009″. It tapers mainly in the last 13 cm proximal. The spring tip is 0.014″ in diameter and 2.2 cm in length and can be shaped (Fig. 1.1). There is also an extra-support RotaWire with a slightly longer tip (2.8 cm) and stiffer shaft (Fig. 1.2). The thicker wire tip also prevents the burr from going past the shaft of the wire. This is important in helping prevent inadvertent coronary artery perforations. The wire is very easy to kink. During advancement or removal or exchange of the burr, it is critical not to kink the wire. Kinking of the wire will result in difficulty removing or advancing the burr and can result in loss of wire position.



We would like to acknowledge and thank Boston Scientific for providing the figures in this chapter.

Supplementary material

Video 1.1

Loading of rotaburr on RotaWire (MP4 71172 kb)

Video 1.2

Advancement of rotaburr (MP4 134558 kb)

Video 1.3

Sandpapering technique of rotablation (MP4 103360 kb)

Video 1.4

Removal of rotaburr (MP4 41792 kb)

Video 1.5

Attachment of new burr. In this segment, the burr is removed and then reattached (MOV 126746 kb)

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