The Role of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in Nigerian and African Development

  • Sharkdam Wapmuk


Established in 1961, the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) is a government-affiliated think tank that has witnessed the evolution of the country since its independence. The chapter investigates the role played by NIIA in both Nigeria and African scenarios. More specifically, the author focuses on how NIIA has used its research tools to understand and eventually affect the development of Nigeria and its foreign policy. By describing the importance of Nigeria’s action in the liberation of South Africa from apartheid, the study underlines that NIIA’s activity was parallel to the increasing posture of the country with regard to development. As documented by several publications, workshops, and conferences, NIIA has been an attentive observer of Nigeria’s foreign policy. However, some issues such as the dependence on government funds or the close relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs risk weakening its autonomy. Despite these challenges, NIIA has been able to pursue its original mission by providing direction to Nigeria’s international affairs agenda.

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  • Sharkdam Wapmuk
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