The Emerging Powers

  • James G. McGann


Using four ways of describing power (economic, military or hard, soft or cultural influence, and regional influence), this chapter looks at the definitions, challenges, and impacts of emerging states. While the well-known BRICS countries are generally considered the most influential emerging powers, some commentators argue that other growing states such as Mexico and Indonesia should be considered of equal importance. Furthermore, there are other blocs in the Global South that arguably deserve more attention, such as the one between India, Brazil, and South Africa (IBSA); that between Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa (CIVETS); and finally that between Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey (MINT). There is a general trend towards more inclusion when it comes to looking at emerging powers in the international realm; this can be seen through newer larger blocs such as the G20. This book features case studies from thirteen major emerging powers and how think tanks operate within them.

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