Research Centers and the Challenges of Formulating State Security and Foreign Policies in Emerging States: The Case of Qatar

  • Jamal Abdullah


This chapter investigates the role played by research centers in shaping Qatar’s decision-making process. The study is articulated in two sections. In the first part, the author describes the main features of the Qatari state, underlining the shift from the neutrality approach of the country’s foreign policy since 1995 (when Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani assumed the leadership) to the changes that occurred after 2013 (when Sheikh Hamad abdicated in favor of his son, Sheikh Tamim). The second part outlines the main geopolitical challenges in the Arab world, and particularly in Qatar. Within this larger framework, the author discusses the impact of these issues on the activities of research centers, with a specific focus on Al Jazeera Centre for Studies. Finally, the chapter points out the main challenges that research centers are currently facing in terms of funds, methodology, and political scenario.

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  • Jamal Abdullah
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  1. 1.Al Jazeera Centre for Studies (AJCS)DohaQatar

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