Dealing with Argentina’s Foreign Policy in the Emerging Multipolar World—a Comparative Analysis of Think Tank Responses to the Malvinas Issue: The Argentine Center of International Studies

  • Ariel Gonzàlez Levaggi


This chapter examines the role played by the most relevant security and international affairs think tanks in Argentina’s foreign policy, and in particular with regard to the issue of the Malvinas islands. Within the debate on Argentina’s posture in the international scenario, it argues that the country should be considered as an emerging middle power. After an overview of the evolution of Argentine foreign policy in the last three decades, the chapter compares how four major research institutes—namely, the Navy Office of the Center for Strategic Affairs “Manuel Belgrano” of the Ministry of Defense (CEEPADE), Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI), Argentine Center of International Studies (CAEI), and Institute of International Relations at the National University of La Plata (IRI-UNLP)—have dealt with one, if not the most, important challenge for Buenos Aires: the Malvinas islands issue.

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  • Ariel Gonzàlez Levaggi
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