Emergence of a Think Tank and a Rising Power on the World Stage: China Institute of International Studies

  • Longdi Xu


The chapter introduces the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS). CIIS, the first Chinese think tank dedicated to the study of international relations, was founded in 1956 and ever since it has been affiliated to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). During its long process of evolution from an affiliated institute (IIR) of China’s Academy of Science (CAS), CIIS has worked closely with China’s government, catering to its demand for track-two diplomacy. CIIS consists of seven area-focused departments and five interdisciplinary research centers, with an organizational research management center and an international exchange office in charge of outreach activities. Its structure includes a library, an information center, and an editorial department which publishes academic papers, journals (China International Studies), and annual reports (CIIS Report) on a regular basis. Several case studies are presented to describe the development of the concept of “Responsible Protection” against “R2P.” The Institute’s influence on energy and security development shows the recent developments at CIIS. This chapter also underscores several limitations of CIIS, including the challenges of high-frequency and up-to-date research products and the internationalization of its website. Lastly, the chapter suggests some future directions, such as enacting administrative reform, strengthening the academic endeavor, innovating in the research program, engaging in public diplomacy, and fostering international cooperation.

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