Facilitating the Unexpected

  • Mirjam Beyers


The impact and importance of life events, work issues or circumstantial events on a person’s wellbeing is often unpredictable and immeasurable. The strength and ability of people to cope is mostly linked to their possibility to share issues or problems with a social network and the opportunity to create their own solutions together with this network. Eigen Kracht-conferenties (the Belgian version of Family group conferencing) is a decision-making process that gives an impulse to maintain or regain autonomy and take a step in the direction of a participation state. This chapter shall focus on empowering networks of employees who are no longer capable of doing their job in changing organizations. One of the central questions herein is how they can reorient themselves without risking isolation or missing the connection with colleagues.


Empowerment EK-c Family group conferencing Network 


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