Iatrogenic Cervicothoracic Kyphosis Surgery Complication

  • Frank ValoneIIIEmail author
  • Lee A. Tan
  • Vincent Traynellis
  • K. Daniel Riew


Deformity of the cervical spine arises most commonly in the sagittal plane. This leads to axial neck pain, functional disability, and cosmetic dissatisfaction and can lead to compromise of horizontal gaze, swallowing, and breathing. Cervical deformity surgery planning is complex and involves simple radiographs as well as advanced imaging. Additionally, a thorough history, physical examination, and clear surgical goals are critical to a successful surgery. Surgical correction of kyphosis can be technically challenging; however, correction in the sagittal plane leads to the greatest increases in clinical satisfaction seen in patients.


Cervical Cervicothoracic Cervical spine deformity Kyphosis Surgical planning surgical management 


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