• Anna Chapman
  • Yasser El MiedanyEmail author


Once considered to be solely a cutaneous disease, there is robust evidence that psoriasis is associated with systemic inflammation and a significantly increased risk of comorbidity. It has yet to be established whether these comorbidities occur as a direct result of the systemic inflammation associated with psoriasis, as a consequence of genetically determined selection, or whether other factors are involved. It is now well documented that patients with severe psoriasis have an excess mortality compared to the general population. Moderate to severe psoriasis is associated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, smoking and metabolic syndrome. Therefore, both rheumatologists and dermatologists should be vigilant to any risk factors that might aggravate the psoriasis patient’s condition. Because of the wide range of comorbid conditions associated with psoriasis, comprehensive screening and treatment must be implemented to most effectively manage psoriasis patients. This chapter will give a brief background to psoriasis, pathophysiology to psoriasis-associated comorbidities and the new concept of the “psoriatic march”. It will also discuss the scientific evidence for each comorbidity, its therapeutic implications and approaches to screen and assess in standard daily practice.


Psoriasis Comorbidities of psoriasis Cardiovascular morbidity in psoriasis Arthritis Spondyloarthritis HLA-B27 


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