Hierarchical Models of Engineering Rough Surfaces and Bio-inspired Adhesives

  • Feodor M. Borodich
  • Ovidiu Savencu
Part of the Biologically-Inspired Systems book series (BISY, volume 9)


Friction, wear, adhesion and energy dissipation during sliding are strongly influenced by deformations of asperities, which, in turn, depend on the surface profile. At the nanoscale, the effects of surface roughness and the underlying physical phenomena, such as adhesion between contacting objects, have a considerable influence on the interaction between surfaces. Here various models of rough surfaces, including multi-level models, hierarchically structured models, and appropriate multi-scale models of contact interactions between rough surfaces are reviewed and discussed. A new model for numerical simulations of dry friction between rough engineering surfaces is introduced. The main features of the new model based on the use of a multi-level and multi-scale, hierarchically structured slider are described. Although the surface topography of the biological attachment devices is rather different from the topography of engineering surfaces, some existing models of bio-inspired adhesives are classified using terminology introduced for models of engineering rough surfaces.



This work was fulfilled in the framework of the CARBTRIB International Network on Nano-phenomena and Functionality of Modern Carbon-Based Tribo-Coatings. Thanks are due to the Leverhulme Trust for financial support of the Network. The materials of the paper have been presented at the 1st International CARBTRIB Workshop (Cardiff University, 19–20 January 2016). The authors are grateful to their partners within the CARBTRIB International Network: Professor S. Gorb from University of Kiel, Germany and Dr. A. Vernes from Austrian Excellence Center for Tribology (AC2T), Wiener Neustadt, Austria for their valuable comments on the work. One of the authors (O.S.) was also supported within the framework of the Austrian COMET-Program (Project K2, XTribology, No. 824187/849109) of the Excellence Centre of Tribology.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Cardiff School of EngineeringCardiff UniversityCardiffWales, UK
  2. 2.Austrian Center of Competence for TribologyWiener NeustadtAustria

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