Reproducible, Accurately Rounded and Efficient BLAS

  • Chemseddine ChohraEmail author
  • Philippe Langlois
  • David Parello
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10104)


Numerical reproducibility failures rise in parallel computation because floating-point summation is non-associative. Massively parallel and optimized executions dynamically modify the floating-point operation order. Hence, numerical results may change from one run to another. We propose to ensure reproducibility by extending as far as possible the IEEE-754 correct rounding property to larger operation sequences. We introduce our RARE-BLAS (Reproducible, Accurately Rounded and Efficient BLAS) that benefits from recent accurate and efficient summation algorithms. Solutions for level 1 (asum, dot and nrm2) and level 2 (gemv) routines are presented. Their performance is studied compared to the Intel MKL library and other existing reproducible algorithms. For both shared and distributed memory parallel systems, we exhibit an extra-cost of 2\(\times \) in the worst case scenario, which is satisfying for a wide range of applications. For Intel Xeon Phi accelerator a larger extra-cost (4\(\times \) to 6\(\times \)) is observed, which is still helpful at least for debugging and validation steps.


Vector Size Sequential Case Small Vector Thread Level Parallelism High Memory Bandwidth 
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