Micro-Spatial Histories of Labour: Towards a New Global History

  • Christian G. De VitoEmail author
  • Anne Gerritsen


Is it possible to bring global- and micro-history into a productive engagement? If so, which streams in these sub-disciplines might be relevant or open to such an interaction? What might be the theoretical and methodological implications of such an engagement? These questions present the central concern of this introductory essay: to identify the significant opportunities that arise from bringing together global history and micro-history. This chapter begins by (re-)defining ‘global’ and ‘micro’ from the perspective of their interaction. It then moves to an exploration of how the perspective of micro-spatial history relates to periodisation and conceptualisations of time. The final section addresses the potential of micro-spatial history for labour studies in particular. We close by framing this approach as an alternative perspective on global history.

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