Interoperable SQLite for a Bare PC

  • William Thompson
  • Ramesh Karne
  • Alexander Wijesinha
  • Hojin Chang
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 716)


SQLite, a widely used database engine, has been previously transformed to run on a bare PC without the support of any OS or kernel. However, the transformed SQLite database was stored in main memory i.e., it had no file system. This paper extends the transformation process to enable bare PC SQLite to work with standard file system interfaces based on the FAT32 file specification. It further presents mechanisms and programming interfaces for a bare machine file system integrated with SQLite that uses a removable USB flash drive. The bare SQLite database and file system can interoperate with conventional OS-based database systems. It can be adapted in the future to work with bare Web browsers, large bare databases, other bare applications, and bare mobile devices.


SQLite Transformation Interoperability Performance 


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  • William Thompson
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  • Ramesh Karne
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  • Alexander Wijesinha
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  • Hojin Chang
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