A Blockchain-Based Storage System for Data Analytics in the Internet of Things

  • Quanqing XuEmail author
  • Khin Mi Mi Aung
  • Yongqing Zhu
  • Khai Leong Yong
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 715)


Without a central authority, blockchains can easily enable the management of transactions. Smart contracts stored on blockchains are self-executing contractual states that are not controlled by anybody, so they can be trusted. In addition, due to increasing improvements in processor and memory technology, IoT (Internet of Things) devices have more powerful processing power and greater memory space, which allow them to execute user-defined programs, e.g., smart contracts. Shifting part of applications’ tasks to IoT devices reduces the transferred data amount over the IoT network. The parallelism of large-scale storage systems is employed to decrease many basic data analytics tasks’ execution time. Blockchain can be used as smart contracts that facilitate and enforce the negotiation of a contract in the IoT. This chapter proposes a blockchain-based storage system, named Sapphire, for data analytics applications in the Internet of Things. All the IoT data from the devices forms objects with IDs, attributes, policies, and methods. We present an OSD-based smart contract (OSC) approach employed in Sapphire as a transaction protocol, where IoT devices interact with such blockchains. For data analytics applications, the IoT device processors execute application-specific operations. By doing so, only the results are returned to clients instead of data files read by them. Therefore, the Sapphire system can greatly decrease the overhead of data analytics in the Internet of Things.


Internet of things Blockchain Storage system Data analytics Smart contract 


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