Update in Pediatric Hematology

  • Ziad SolhEmail author
  • Anthony K. C. Chan
  • Mihir D. Bhatt


This book chapter will address various aspects of pediatric hematology with regards to clinical and laboratory practice. Red blood cell disorders will be discussed including iron deficiency anemia, which is the most common form of anemia in children. The authors delve into novel advances in pediatric hemoglobinopathy therapies, such as hydroxyurea for sickle cell disease and iron chelation for thalassemia. Red cell transfusion controversies will be summarized including the question of hemoglobin thresholds in a variety of clinical scenarios and the recent age of blood trials. Immune cytopenias such as isolated thrombocytopenia, Evans syndrome, and autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome will be examined. The readers will also find an update about the management of other bleeding disorders in children such as hemophilia and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy. The challenges of oral anticoagulants in pediatric care, after their use in adults, are discussed in light of recent studies. Finally, an exploration of the various bone marrow failure syndromes, aplastic anemia, and neutropenia will conclude the chapter. Readers will gain an appreciation for new challenges that face the pediatric hematologist, and current prospects for improved care in pediatric patients with blood disorders.


Pediatrics Hematology Thrombocytopenia Anemia Neutropenia Cytopenia Transfusion Thrombosis Hemostasis Anticoagulant Hemophilia Bleeding Coagulopathy Sickle cell disease Thalassemia Hemoglobinopathy Age of blood Aplastic anemia Lymphoproliferative 


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