Posterior Cerebral Artery

  • Gianni Boris Bradac


From the caudal division of ICA arises the PcomA from which posteriorly develops progressively the PCA, and anteriorly and caudally a connection with BA. Later in evolution in the majority of the cases the connection of the PcomA with the PCA (also called pars carotica) regresses or becomes hypoplastic, while in the connection of the BA with the PCA (also called pars basilaris) the future P1 becomes predominant (see also Chap.  1 and Sect. 2.4.2). The posterior shift of the vascular territories of the PCA (posterior temporal and occipital areas) leads to increased distance between the origin of the PCA and its distal vascular territories. The decrease of this distance by shifting the origin of the PCA from ICA to the BA could be interpreted as a natural evolution to compensate this process (Kier 1974).
  • The course of the PCA arising from the BA can be divided into four segments (Huber 1979) (Drawings 7.1 and 7.4)

  • P1 (precommunicating segment): from its origin from the BA to the junction with the PcomA

  • P2 (ambient segment): around the midbrain towards the quadrigeminal plate

  • P3 (quadrigeminal segment): on the surface of the quadrigeminal plate

  • P4 (distal segments)


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