Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Due to Repeated Episodes of Severe Hypoglycemia in Patient with Type I Diabetes Mellitus

  • Letícia Oliveira
  • Edmo Atique Gabriel


Hypoglycemia is a frequent complication in patients with diabetes mellitus who use exogenous insulin as an antidiabetic therapy. The onset of symptoms usually has a rapid evolution; however, episodes of hypoglycemia that are totally asymptomatic may occur. Significant levels of hypoglycemia are capable of causing arrhythmias, often fatal, especially during sleep. This chapter aims to report the case of a patient with type I diabetes mellitus who presented an episode of atrial fibrillation caused by recurrent hypoglycemia due to aggressive insulin therapy.


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  • Letícia Oliveira
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  • Edmo Atique Gabriel
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  1. 1.Grandes Lagos Faculty (UNILAGO)São José do Rio PretoBrazil

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