ARTool- Augmented Reality Platform for Machining Setup and Maintenance

  • Amedeo Setti
  • Paolo BosettiEmail author
  • Matteo Ragni
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 15)


In manufacturing applications, setup and part-program verification on CNC machine tools is a time-consuming and error-prone operation, whose costs are especially relevant when dealing with small batches, custom components, and large/complex shapes. This paper presents an Augmented Reality application aimed at supporting machine tool operators in setting up the machining process, simplifying and quickening the identification of setup errors and misalignments. The paper firstly discusses the system architecture and its implementation, then presents a set of benchmark tests assessing system accuracy and reliability in ego-localization against an open-source AR library and an optical multistereoscopic motion capture ground-truth. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed solution on the typical part-program setup workflow is assessed by comparison with a standard in-air part-program execution and evaluated by means of a NASA TLX test campaign.


Augmented reality CNC Machining Intelligent manufacturing Maintenance 


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