Right Upper Lobe: Apicoposterior Segments (S1+2)

  • Dominique Gossot


On the right side, S2 and S1+2 and segmentectomies are frequently indicated as the location of a tumor or a nodule in S2 or at the border between S2 and S1 is not unusual. Preserving S3, rather than performing an upper lobectomy, has two advantages: this spares respiratory function and S3 is a large segment that occupies the pleural cavity and prevents reexpansion issues that can be encountered after an upper lobectomy.

Supplementary material

Video 8.1

Forcing back the bronchial stump (MOV 62496 kb)

Video 8.2

Stapling of the intersegmental plane (MOV 34655 kb)

Video 8.3

Final aspect (MOV 3890 kb)

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