Left Lower Lobe

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The left lower lobectomy is usually the most straightforward endoscopic lobectomy. However, it can be difficult and tedious when the fissure is fused. In addition, when the procedure is done for lung carcinoma, lymph node dissection of station 7 can be difficult because the venous and bronchial stumps can hamper the approach to the subcarinal region (see page?). It may be preferable performing lymph node dissection before the lobectomy.

Supplementary material

Video 7.1

Dividing and stapling the posterior portion of the fissure (MOV 56355 kb)

Video 7.2

Dividing the posterior portion of the fissure using a vessel sealing device (MP4 18536 kb)

Video 7.3

Stapling the basilar artery after division of A 6 artery (MOV 37280 kb)

Video 7.4

Freeing the pulmonary ligament and dissection of station 9 lymph nodes (MP4 16205 kb)

Video 7.5

Dissection and exposure of the bronchus, after division of the pulmonary artery and inferior pulmonary vein (MP4 20604 kb)

Video (MOV 799890 kb)

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