Right Upper Lobe

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The right upper lobectomy is most often done via an anterior approach with a primary control of the truncus anterior (TA) and the superior root of the superior pulmonary vein (SPV) as usually done during conventional open surgery. However, an anterior dissection can be hazardous, especially in some overweight patients in whom identification of vessels is not easy. Confusing the main PA and the TA or stapling the PA with the hilum has been reported.

Supplementary material

Video 3.1

Exposing the fissure by retracting the upper lobe, using a 3 mm grasping forceps (MOV 6069 kb)

Video 3.2

Opening the fissure and exposing the ascending A2 and A6 arteries (example of an easy fissure) (MOV 103356 kb)

Video 3.3

Division of the posterior portion an the major fissure (example of a fused fissure) (MOV 52644 kb)

Video 3.4

Dissection of the upper lobe bronchus (MOV 26990 kb)

Video 3.5

Posterior dissection and control of A1 and A3 arteries (MOV 51897 kb)

Video 3.6

Posterior dissection and control of the upper root of the superior pulmonary vein (MOV 21233 kb)

Video 3.7

Division of the minor fissure (MOV 34250 kb)

Video 3.8

Manual anchoring of the middle lobe (MP4 26953 kb)

Video (MOV 1618597 kb)

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