Left Lower Lobe: Segments 9 and 10 (S9+10)

  • Dominique Gossot


The most frequent bronchial and arterial branching pattern of the basilar segments is B8 and B9+10 and A8 and A9+10 explaining that segmentectomy S9+10 is more frequently performed than segmentectomies S9 and S10.

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Video 20.1

Arterial control (MOV 398446 kb)

Video 20.2

Bronchial control (MOV 210399 kb)

Video 20.3

Venous control (MOV 551486 kb)

Video 20.4

Intersegmental plane (MOV 343339 kb)

Video Application of S 9+10 segmentectomy to the resection of a pulmonary sequestration (MOV 1810469 kb)

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