Left Lower Lobe: Superior Segment (S6)

  • Dominique Gossot


Thoracoscopic S6 segmentectomy is seen as one the most straightforward sublobar resections and is frequently the one to start with when experience with thoracoscopic sublobar resections is still limited. However, there are many variations in the anatomy that can make the procedure more difficult than expected.

Supplementary material

Video 17.1

Opening a thin posterior fissure (MP4 18536 kb)

Video 17.2

Opening a thick posterior fissure (MOV 56355 kb)

Video 17.3

Alternate technique to approach the bronchus from behind and from below (MOV 86373 kb)

Video 17.4

Control of V 6 vein. Note that in this case, only the uppermost tributary of the superior branch of the inferior pulmonary vein is divided (MOV 22737 kb)

Video Full thoracoscopic left segmentectomy 6 for invasive aspergillosis (MOV 22737 kb)

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