Left Upper Lobe: Apicoposterior Segments (S1+2)

  • Dominique Gossot


The procedure is similar to a trisegmentectomy (see page ?) but poses two problems:
  • The number of arteries has to be precisely determined, if possible with help of preoperative modelization, so that only the branches to S1 and S2 will be divided, with preservation of the truncus anterior.

  • Bronchi must be individualized before stapling so that B1+2 cannot be mistaken for the whole bronchial trunk.

Supplementary material

Video 15.1

Division of A 2 artery (MOV 25750 kb

Video 15.2

Dissection of B 1+2 . Note the close contact with the truncus anterior (MOV 1341891 kb)

Video 15.3

Marking the intersegmental plane with cautery dots and stapling (MOV 196875 kb)

Video 15.4

Dividing the intersegmental plane (MOV 179831 kb)

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