Left Upper Lobe: Upper Segments (S1+2+3) – (Lingula-Sparing Upper Lobectomy)

  • Dominique Gossot


Upper division segmentectomy is quite similar to a left upper lobectomy and is more and more performed, as it seems that its oncological results are equivalent to those of a left upper lobectomy. This segmentectomy can be tricky because the bronchial trunk is in close contact with the truncus anterior, especially if adherent lymph nodes are present.

Supplementary material

Video 14.1

Control of arteries (MOV 817323 kb)

Video 14.2

Control of segmental veins (MOV 98923 kb)

Video 14.3

Division of the bronchus and division of the parenchyma (MOV 439791 kb)

Video 14.4

Manual section of the bronchus for intrabronchial carcinoid tumor. At frozen section, the safety margin is too short, and the stump must be cut back. The stump is sutured with interrupted stiches and extracorporeal knotting. (MOV 56431 kb)

Video (MOV 937678 kb)

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