Robotic Repair of Lower Abdomen Defects

  • Eduardo ParraDavilaEmail author
  • Flavio Malcher
  • Carlos Hartmann


Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair emerged and resulted in many benefits regarding wound problems and recurrence. However, this approach has issues related to the fascia closure and mesh fixation. Robotic ventral hernia repair (RVHR) overcomes these shortcomings by allowing the operator to offer traditional open repair techniques through minimal access incisions.

This type of technique can help exploit the abdominal wall layers, enhance the vision to overcome problems related to adhesiolysis and close the fascia in a better way to reduce postoperative pain. In defects located in the lower abdomen it can be very helpful to do the correct dissection and mesh positioning such as the suprapubic hernias.

This chapter describes robotic techniques for repair of hernias in the lower abdomen.


Robotic ventral/incisional hernia repair Robotic preperitoneal hernia repair Lower abdominal hernias Adhesionlysis Mesh fixation Preperitoneal hernia repair Fascia closure Suprapubic hernias da Vinci platform 

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