Corneal Diseases in Children: Surgery

  • Christina Rapp PrescottEmail author
  • Kathryn Colby
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This chapter will discuss corneal surgery in children, focusing on how to modify surgical techniques for pediatric patients. Indications for surgery, surgical techniques, and postoperative care will be discussed for surgeries including variations of keratoplasty, (penetrating, anterior lamellar, and endothelial), keratoprosthesis surgery, and ocular surface reconstruction. Ophthalmologists who diagnose, surgically manage, and care for children with corneal eye disease are rare and published treatment guidelines for pediatric corneal surgery are even rarer.


Pediatric keratoplasty Pediatric keratoprosthesis Pediatric endothelial keratoplasty Pediatric deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty Pediatric ocular surface reconstruction 


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