3D Shape Reconstruction in Traffic Scenarios Using Monocular Camera and Lidar

  • Qing RaoEmail author
  • Lars Krüger
  • Klaus Dietmayer
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In the near future, a self-driving car will be able to perceive and understand its surroundings by composing a 3D environment map at object level. In this map, the 3D shapes of surrounding objects will be precisely reconstructed. The technique to reconstructing 3D object shapes using a monocular camera and a Lidar is presented in this paper. The proposed approach combines deep neural networks with an optimization process called 3D Shaping in which object pose and shape are jointly optimized. A significant performance improvement by the proposed approach in estimating object 3D orientation and the occupancy bounding box is proven through quantitative evaluation.


Discrete Cosine Transform Convolutional Neural Network Deep Neural Network Sign Distance Function Orientation Estimation 
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