Laparoscopic Duodenopancreatectomy Step by Step: How I Do It

  • Antonio Talvane Torres de Oliveira
  • Croider Franco Lacerda
  • Paulo A. Bertulucci
  • Miguel A. CuestaEmail author


Laparoscopic duodenopancreatectomy step by step. How I do it.Once a periampullary tumor is diagnose a clinical staging is performed. If considered resectable by means of a duodenopancreatectomy, laparoscopic resection may be considered, according with the extent and expertise. There are different ways to dissect the duodenopancreatic area, andhow to perform the reconstruction. The pancreatojejunostomy can be performed as in open surgery by a ductus-mucosa anastomosis technique or other variation. Importantly for he development of pancreatic fistula is the qualityof pancreas, hard or soft tissue.

In this chapter, a step by step laparoscopic duodenopancreatectomy is outlined.

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