Robot Assisted Partial Pancreatectomy and Duodenopancreatectomy

  • Ugo BoggiEmail author
  • Carlo Lombardo


Laparoscopy has revolutionized surgery, by showing that many abdominal operations can be performed safely and effectively despite minimally invasive access. Patients’ demand for minimally invasive surgery, on one hand, and surgeons’ motivation to pursue innovation and accept challenge, on the other, did the rest making laparoscopy an essential component of modern surgery. Laparoscopy, however, has intrinsic limitations, that are not completely overcome by expertise. These limitations have made the outcome of laparoscopy highly operator dependent [2], and have restricted the range of complex operations that can be safely performed using this technique [3].


Robot da Vinci Pancreatoduodenectomy Pancreatectomy Laparoscopy 

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