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Augmentation Mastoplasty with Silicone Implant Associated with Mastopexy via an Initial Periareolar Approach (Safety Pocket)

  • Ataliba Ronan Horta de AlmeidaEmail author
  • André Villani Correa Mafra
  • Leandro Ramalho Chaves Isobe


Background: Mastopexy with breast implant surgery is a challenging and highly complex surgical procedure. In Brazil, there is growing interest in larger breast volumes, although in certain cases, the sole addition of silicone implants is not sufficient to construct a conical breast with a full upper pole. To obtain this result, it is necessary to correct sagging breasts by removing excess skin.

Methods: The initial approach was made with an inferior, semicircular, periareolar incision, which provided subfascial access to the breast pocket for inclusion of the implant. After implant placement, the excess skin was marked using simple stitches and staining with methylene blue before resection. Longitudinal spindle marking was preferred whenever possible. However, “L” or inverted “T” markings were also used when excess skin amounts were greater.

Conclusions: The conservative skin removal approach after prosthesis implantation, periareolar access, and use of the subfascial plane are the differential and relevant points of this technique. This technique is also considered safer because the periareolar incision caused the only loss of continuity in the tissues. Therefore, the prosthesis was not exposed during mastopexy.


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  • Ataliba Ronan Horta de Almeida
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    Email author
  • André Villani Correa Mafra
    • 3
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  • Leandro Ramalho Chaves Isobe
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  1. 1.Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery–SBCP), Plastic Surgery Training Center, Hospital Mater Dei (Mater Dei Hospital)Belo HorizonteBrazil
  2. 2.Plastic Surgery Medical Center, Hospital Mater Dei (Mater Dei Hospital)Belo HorizonteBrazil
  3. 3.SBCP, Plastic Surgery Medical Team, Hospital Mater Dei (Mater Dei Hospital)Belo HorizonteBrazil

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