A Web-Based Landslide Risk Mitigation Portal

  • Marco UzielliEmail author
  • Jung Chan Choi
  • Bjørn G. Kalsnes
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The mitigation of landslide risk to human-valued physical and non-physical assets is a fundamental component in the disaster risk management cycle Open image in new window . The reduction of risk can be pursued through the selection, planning and implementation of suitable mitigation measures and/or actions. The selection of the most appropriate mitigation measures is a complex process which depends on both the characteristics of the expected landslide event and the potential impacts on the physical, economic, environmental, cultural and societal human-valued assets. Each risk mitigation effort is thus markedly case- and site-specific. A web-based portal is in course of development within the Norwegian research project Klima 2050. The project is aimed at reducing the risks associated with climate changes and enhanced precipitation and flood water exposure within the built environment. The portal implements the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) for the purpose of selecting the most appropriate landslide risk mitigation measures based on user inputs and dynamic expert scoring of an extensive set of candidate mitigation measures. This paper outlines the conceptual standpoints and the present and foreseeable future structure of the portal.


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The main outline of the toolbox presented in this paper was initiated in the project SafeLand, funded in the EC FP7 program. We are grateful to the SafeLand partners for the cooperation of this work. Studio Geotecnico Italiano are especially acknowledged for their production of the compendium of risk reduction measures that constitutes the basis for the toolbox. The toolbox has been further developed using internal resources by NGI, and through funding by the Norwegian Centre of Innovation Klima 2050 (


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