Thermo-Viscoplastic Subloading Soil Model for Isotropic Stress and Strain Conditions

  • J. R. MaranhaEmail author
  • C. Pereira
  • A. Vieira
Conference paper
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This paper presents a thermo-viscoplastic subloading soil model with a mobile centre of homothety. The model is formulated to describe the influence of non-isothermal conditions on the stress-strain-time behaviour of soils and is restricted to isotropic stress and strain conditions. Numerical simulations of three isotropic drained heating tests at constant isotropic effective stress for different overconsolidation ratios were performed. The model was able to accurately reproduce the experimental results.


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The authors acknowledge the support provided by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, under the Project Success (Sustainability of shallow geothermal systems. Applied studies to southern Europe climates PTDC/ECM-GEO/0728/2014).


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  1. 1.Geotechnics DepartmentNational Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC)LisbonPortugal

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