Efficiency of Redundant Multipath Transmission of Requests Through the Network to Destination Servers

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It is not uncommon that delay-sensitive requests cannot be processed repeatedly in case of delivery failures, especially in real-time systems, which results in a strong need to enhance reliability of sending of requests. This can be achieved through concurrent transmission of copies of a request over multiple routes in a given network to a number of similar destination nodes. However, the increase in the initial flow of requests leads to the rise of the network load and the average residence time and potentially to the excess of the ultimate residence time. In the research, the usefulness of redundant distribution of requests through the network was estimated, with the maximized probability of successful delivery and the minimized average residence time. It was found possible to determine the optimal redundancy order for a given set of parameters, namely the intensity of the flow of incoming requests and the bit error rate.


Reliability Request Redundancy Multipath routing Queueing systems 



The study is a part of the research project “Methods for designing the key systems of information infrastructure” (State Registration Number is 615869) of ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia.


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