Fully Convolutional Network with Superpixel Parsing for Fashion Web Image Segmentation

  • Lixuan Yang
  • Helena Rodriguez
  • Michel Crucianu
  • Marin Ferecatu
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10132)


In this paper we introduce a new method for extracting deformable clothing items from still images by extending the output of a Fully Convolutional Neural Network (FCN) to infer context from local units (superpixels). To achieve this we optimize an energy function, that combines the large scale structure of the image with the local low-level visual descriptions of superpixels, over the space of all possible pixel labellings. To assess our method we compare it to the unmodified FCN network used as a baseline, as well as to the well-known Paper Doll and Co-parsing methods for fashion images.


Clothing extraction Semantic segmentation FCN Superpixel parsing 


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  • Helena Rodriguez
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  • Michel Crucianu
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  • Marin Ferecatu
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