Robotic Partial and Total Gastrectomy

  • Julietta Chang
  • Matthew KrohEmail author


Robotic gastrectomy was first described in 2003 for gastric cancer. Since then, robotic-assisted resection has demonstrated advantages for early gastric cancer with respect to decreased blood loss and potentially greater number of retrieved lymph nodes. Technical benefits of robotics include enhanced visualization and greater range of instrument movement; due to this, the robotic technology has been used for gastric resection for benign disease such as peptic ulcer disease as well. This chapter will aim to discuss the indications for the application of robotic-assisted gastrectomy in both malignant and benign disease; the technical aspects in the use of robotics in these surgeries; the potential advantages of the use of the robot in these cases; and future directions.


Robotic surgery Minimally invasive surgery Hybrid laparoscopic/robotic surgery Hybrid endoscopic/robotic surgery Gastric adenocarcinoma Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Peptic ulcer disease Menetrier’s disease 

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