Where blue skies turn black

  • David J. Shayler
  • Colin Burgess
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Those eight short words aptly sum up the excitement, relief and satisfaction for an astronaut at finally being able to ply their trade after years of training. As NASA astronauts, the achievements of each of the seventeen remaining members of the NASA Class of ‘66 and the seven former MOL Class of ‘69 are impressive, though the time between selection and flying their first mission into space varied considerably. For Dick Truly, the only member of the first MOL selection of November 1965 to make it into orbit, it was a sixteen year wait before finally leaving the launch pad. His MOL colleagues who had moved across to NASA with him in 1969 also endured a long wait for a flight. Over a two-year period, between April 1981 and April 1983, each would make their maiden spaceflight aboard the Space Shuttle, with six of the seven going on to complete their second, third or fourth flights by October 1985.


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