3D-Echo Protocols for Assesing Cardiac Chambers, Volume and Function

  • Alejandra Carbonell San Román
  • Rocío Hinojar BaydésEmail author
  • Covadonga Fernández-Golfín Lobán


Three-dimensional real-time echocardiography has been established as an accurate and precise tool for evaluation of cardiac chambers’ size and function. Fast data acquisition and analysis, together with improvement in frame rate and image quality, have eased the introduction of these techniques in daily practice with added value as to regular evaluation. LVEF is an important prognostic parameter which can be estimated accurately and with reproducibility with 3D echocardiographic techniques. However, its usefulness may be extended to the evaluation of the atria, the right ventricle and also to evaluate the integrity of the interventricular and interatrial septum or aid in the characterization of cardiac masses.


3D echocardiography Chamber quantification Left ventricular ejection fraction Cardiac masses 

Supplementary material

Video 5.1

3D full volume acquisition for left ventricular volume and ejection fraction quantification. 4 chambers, 2 chambers and short axis view are displayed along with 3D image to assure complete left ventricular acquisition (AVI 1726 kb)

Video 5.2

Left ventricular 3D volumes and ejection fraction. 3D volume along with volume/time curves of the different left ventricular segments is displayed (AVI 4660 kb)

Video 5.3

Final result of automatic 3D left ventricular volume and ejection fraction quantification (Heart Model, Philips). 4 chambers, 3 chambers, 2 chambers and 3D views are displayed with quantitative results (AVI 1534 kb)

Video 5.4

3D right ventricular volume and ejection fraction quantification. 3D volume along with quantitative data and volume/time curve are displayed (AVI 2753 kb)

Video 5.5

3 chambers view full volume acquisition from TEE. A highly mobile, thin and long atrial mass protruding into the left ventricle arising from the right upper pulmonary vein is shown. Pulmonary vein thrombosis diagnosis was made (AVI 4280 kb)

Video 5.6

3D TEE zoom acquisition of the mitral valve, “en face” surgical view showing two (AVI 5693 kb)


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